Make a link with preset dimensions:

Create a link to with pre-set dimensions.

You can create a link to with pre-set dimensions. When someone clicks the link, the CropToFit tool will open with those parameters already set.

Example link

Click the link to crop to 64x46 pixels.

This can be very useful when

  • You have a webpage how-to with information on crop sizes.
  • You need to email someone instructions on how to crop an image.

Create a link

Generate link with preset dimensions

Generate link with pre-set dimensions.

Creating a link manually

If you are comfortable with HTML, you can code the link dimensions yourself.

The url contains parameters crop

For example, to specify a crop size of 200x100, you would use

Automatically Insert Links into HTML

If you have a webpage with lots of links, you can paste your html source into the left box and links will be inserted for you. Then copy paste html from the right text box back into your page.


HTML with Links

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